Wireless Torque and Vibration sensors for rotating drives.

Our wireless sensors provide reliable measurements faster and easier than alternatives.


better insights

for engineers

torque sensor on a driveshaft
Time and money saved

for businesses

Drivetrain with wireless torque sensors

Improve your drivetrain design process

By making measurements FAST, EASY and RELIABLE we enable engineers to focus on what matters: designing better vehicles and machines. 


Our wireless add-on sensors can be directly placed on drivetrains. Collect accurate Torque and Vibration data in less than 15 mins.

No system modifications required and simple instructions, reducing the need for technical expertise.

Our integrated design eliminates the risk for installation errors. No more failed measurement campaigns.

torque testing on a vehicle
strain testing on harvesting machine
validation of digital twin model

More about our sensor

Our “smartwatch for machines” has many benefits, making load and vibration measurements easier.


No system modifications required. Our add-on sensor can be placed directly on the driveshaft.


Fast installation time alleviates worker constraints during measurement campaigns.


Our sensor has a rechargeable battery and can be fully reused on other driveshafts.

Easy to install

No technical expertise needed to install the product.

Wireless data

Our sensor works wirelessly. Capture your data without the need for wires on your vehicle or machine.

Eliminate faillure

The integrated design of the sensor eliminates installation mistakes.

Product and service options

Choose the product option or service which serves your needs best.

torque sensor on a driveshaft

Buy our sensor with a guarantee.


Torque testing on a car | Forcebit

Rent our sensor for a weekly rate.


We offer custom measurement campaigns and help with analyzing your data. 

I feel your pain!

Discover what issues other companies have solved with our sensor.

"Technician availability is a bottleneck."
Agricultural equipment producer
"Current solutions are really hard to implement."
Industry service provider

Make measurements easy.

Use our technology to improve the design process of your vehicle or machine.